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Sam Meccanica doesn't give only goods "but good solutions"

Every Sam Meccanica system is the solution of a productive problem of a quality Demand or of a customer's special need

Our thirty-year experience in the hot stamping self-adhesive label sector give us to solve a wide range of troubles, improving our competence day by day

Our solutions involve with the planning and construction of machine for:
Hot stamping foil
Flat screen printing
Die cutting on self-adhesive in reel
Flat screen printing of polyester
Satin and double satin for quality packaging
Transfer registered holograms on self-adhesive labels
Textile labels in reel

Moreover our trade "Fashion print" deals with the stamping of :
Personalized self- adhesive labels on paper, pvc and adhesive satin
Propilene ribbons with ink printing
Satin and double satin ribbons with hot stamping and screen stamping on be half of a third party

Sam Meccanica produces as well wood working fittings as range of precision blade guides and feeding device for band-saws